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Moddi - Waltz (Rachel Sermanni cover)

  07/14/14 at 03:30pm

Recorded Moddi Livestream 01/11/13 on Bayern 2 ›

In case you missed the radio session on Bayern2 with Moddi yesterday here it is recorded!

  11/02/13 at 05:55am

Audio | BR-Mediathek | BR ›


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  10/04/13 at 03:29pm
Title: Northern Line - Moddi Artist: Siri Vestby 9 plays


Cover of Northern Line by Moddi
(with bad computer-microphone-quality so listen with headphones or something)
Also you can hear my aquarium in the background sorry

  05/15/13 at 07:28am

One last personal question: I read that Norwegian people don’t close their curtains. Is that true?

That’s the strangest question I’ve ever heard. We have curtains in every single house. But if you close them, you’re something close to a madman. Never close the curtains. Do you guys really do that?”

Yes, most of the Germans close their curtains.

That’s really strange.”

Full interview HERE.

  04/19/13 at 01:18pm
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  04/17/13 at 03:00pm
  04/13/13 at 03:00pm

Moddi tonight-

St. Pancras Old Church, 20:00

See you there!

  04/11/13 at 06:58am